The Secret School

by Summer, 13, from Tennessee

Sammy Oliver looked around her new school. She was very excited to start 7th grade. She knew it was a Christian school and that if she was caught… she didn’t want to think about that. As she took her seat for this new “nocturnal” school, the teacher stood up and greeted them.

“Good evening, students.” That was going to take some time to get used to. “Welcome to the United States Christian School. As you know, today—September 2, 2072—you, your parents and your teachers are taking a huge risk. Tell no one—not your best friends, not even your dog—what goes on here. If anyone asks, say you are home-schooled.”

Sammy found her best friend, Jason Storm, in the crowd.

“With America’s religious freedom gone, we must be more careful than before,” the teacher continued.

Secrecy is so important! Sammy thought. We can't get caught.

“You know, Jason,” Sammy whispered, “This school isn’t much different than a regular school.”

“Yeah,” Jason replied, shoving a whole sandwich into his mouth, “except for the fact that, you know, it’s at night, there’s a secret tunnel into our cafeteria and everything we do here is illegal!”

Suddenly, they heard a pounding noise. Sammy and Jason both jumped.

“Open up!” a voice said right outside the cafeteria. It was just as they feared; the secret police had found them.

“Code Red!” Principal McCreary yelled. They all ran toward the secret tunnel, but found agents there, too! No one knew what to do. Should they charge the tunnel, or should they retreat? The principal slammed the door shut, but by that time they were surrounded.

The secret police tied Sammy's hands behind her back and took her to a dimly lit room. There was nothing she could do.

How had the agents found the school? Sammy wondered. No one knew about that tunnel; no one could just find it! Then she saw Valerie, the most popular, gorgeous girl in school, talking to the police.

Valerie smiled a wicked grin and said, “I told you I’d get back at you for putting me in detention, Principal McCreary.”

Sammy cringed. Before school started, Valerie had stolen the keys to the science lab so that she could make a perfume that “matched her beauty.” Sammy was the one who told the principal.

Suddenly, the door blasted open. An army of dads stormed into the room. They rescued the kids and the teachers, and everybody ran as fast as they could.

Sammy's heart pounded. She knew that things would only get harder now that the authorities knew their faces. But with God, all things were possible!

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Copyright © Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Photo © Miranda's family.