Jones & Parker Detective Agency: Case of the Missing Umbrella

by Emma, 12, from Missouri

A good detective uses her head. Sometimes, you have to use basic facts to solve a case.

My sidekick, Matthew Parker, and I were walking to Whit's End on a very hot day to get a milkshake. It felt like our skin could just melt off in the sun.

“Ahh, air conditioning,” Matthew said as we walked into Whit's End.

“Hi, Matthew. Hi, Emily,” Connie said. “We could use your help.” She was at the counter with Priscilla, Jay, Vance and my brother, Barrett.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“My umbrella went missing,” Priscilla said. “I went to—”

“Wait, why were you carrying an umbrella on a day like this?” Matthew asked.

“To shade me from the sun,” she answered. “It’s a lot cooler.”

“Girls,” he muttered.

“Go on, Priscilla,” I urged.

“As I said, I lost my umbrella. I put it on the counter and went to use the restroom. When I came back, it was gone. I’ve been looking for an hour. Barrett, Vance and Jay are the only people here, so they’re our suspects.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Barrett said.

“I’ll conduct an investigation,” I said excitedly. “I can question each of you.” This kind of stuff got me excited. “You first, Barrett.”

“Like I said, I am innocent! I went upstairs to browse the library. When I came back, Priscilla basically held me hostage!”

“I did not,” Priscilla said.

I took some notes and then asked, “What about you, Vance?”

“I went to the Imagination Station,” Vance said casually. “Mr. Whittaker recommended a new program. He thought I should take a trip to Noah’s ark. I was probably gone before the umbrella went missing.”

I took some notes and then asked, “What about you, Jay?”

“I was asking Mr. Whittaker about something I read in my devotionals that didn’t make any sense,” Jay started. “He answered my question. As soon as I came downstairs, Priscilla started asking me questions.”

“OK,” I said taking some more notes.

“See,” Connie said. “They all have good alibis.”

“Can I have a milkshake?” Matthew asked impatiently. “I tend to figure out cases better if I'm well-hydrated.”

“You won't need it,” I said. “I've already solved the case!”

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