The Imagination Station

by Elijah, 12, from Missouri

Elijah imagined his own version of the Imagination Station. Eugene would be very impressed by these schematics!

Imagination Station schematic

The "Science of Imagination"

Imagination Station schematic

Suppose a special lotion was invented to be absorbed by the skin into the temporal lobes. It's enriched with vitamins, not only to allow the lotion to pass through the blood-brain barrier, but also to replenish the brain's supply of neurotransmitters. The lotion also conducts the electrical impulses required to provide deep-brain stimulation, which is when the adventure begins.

blood-brain barrier: A membrane that prevents foreign material from entering the brain.

neurotransmitters: Chemicals that help the electrical signals jump the gap (synapse) between two brain cells. They also trigger your emotions: joy, anger, fear, sadness, etc.

electrical impulse: A pulse of electricity that has a message for the body, telling it what to do.

deep-brain stimulation: What happens when a machine uses electrical impulses to make the brain do something subconsciously. It makes you do it!

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