The Ultimate Avenger

by Laura, 13, from Georgia

It was spring. All the kids at Riverside Middle School were glad for a warm day. But the happiness had to stop somewhere. It stopped at Tracy Anderson. School was just a place she got picked on.

Tracy just wanted to blend in, but a group of bullies made sure she did not have that privilege. Every day they would tease her about her looks and, sadly, her faith. Tracy wanted to love God and not get picked on for it. The principal tried to stop the bullying, but his methods never worked.

After a long math test, the end of the school day finally arrived. Tracy rushed away from school to avoid the bullies. Unfortunately, they found her. They called her names and picked on her a little, but finally they got bored and left.

At home, Tracy’s 10-year-old sister, Rachel, awaited her. Tracy told Rachel about the day’s events. Even though she was 2 years younger than Tracy, Rachel was mad. She hated that her big sister was getting picked on.

“I wish there was a superhero, maybe an Avenger like Captain America, who could just come and stop all the bullying,” Rachel huffed.

“That’s it!” Tracy exclaimed.

Rachel was startled by her sister’s outburst. Little did she know, Tracy decided to be her own Avenger.

At school the next day, Tracy was armed with shaving cream, crazy glue and baby powder. During lunch, Tracy subtly replaced one bully's whipped cream on their pudding with shaving cream. She even slipped baby powder into one of their hats. In gym, she was about to fill a shoe with crazy glue when the gym teacher walked in.

The principal called Tracy’s mom.

“Why did you prank all those kids?” her mom asked when they were in the car driving home.

“I was avenging myself,” Tracy explained.

“Have you ever heard of the Ultimate Avenger?” Mom asked.

“I think you mean Ultron. He was a bad guy,” Tracy replied.

“No, Tracy. It’s God. God has promised that He will avenge His children. Avenging ourselves is like saying we don’t trust what God says,” Mom said gently.

Tracy could only nod. She knew when she went to school the next day, she had some serious apologizing to do. Right now, she had to apologize to God.

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