Jones & Parker Detective Agency: Sundae Sunday

by Hannah, 13, from Wyoming

A good detective remembers every detail.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. We were in Sunday school practicing our memory verse, Leviticus 19:11. Mr. Whittaker was giving us coupons for a free turtle sundae from Whit’s End if we said the verse. Everyone recited the verse and received the coupon. Well, except for Jay.

Matthew invited him to church and surprisingly he came. Mr. Whittaker gave Jay a coupon anyway—since it was his first time.

The only thing better than Mr. Whittaker’s ice cream is my mom’s chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing, which she had brought for the picnic after church. Mmm... I could taste it already!

After church, Mom went to get her cake. When she came back, we all noticed that a slice was missing. Matthew and I were on the case! We went around asking people questions.

“When did you first notice that the slice was missing?” I asked Mom.

“Just now,” she said. “I put the cake in the fridge before church, and when I took it out, I noticed that one piece was missing.”

“OK, thanks!”

“So we know that it happened during Sunday school or church,” Matthew said.

We kept asking questions. “Do you have any idea who did it, Nelson?”

“It was probably Jay!” Nelson said. “He would do something like this!”

I had to agree. This looked like Jay's type of trouble. So we asked him.

“No way!” Jay protested. “If I were you, I would be asking Barrett.”

Barrett is my older brother. He wouldn’t do something like this... or if he did, he couldn't hide it from me. So, moving on.

We asked John, a boy in our Sunday school class, if he ate it.

“Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t,” he replied. “I’m allergic to chocolate.”

We continued to question other suspects, with no luck.

“I just want to give up!” Matthew said.

I wanted to give up too, but then I put the pieces together. “You don’t have to; I know who the culprit is!”

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