God of All Seasons

by Jada, 15, from Maryland

In the springtime it’s fun, what do you hear?
The rustle of grass, butterflies coming near,
The ticking of clocks, the sizzle of stoves,
Cars in the distance, everyone knows.

In the summer it’s hot, what do you see?
A bird in the sky, a beautiful bee,
The sun and the heat, an eagle’s nest,
Something more special than all the rest.

In the fall it’s cool, what do you smell?
Dead leaves and pumpkins, more food as well,
Apples and sweet potatoes, those in a pie,
All these smells are super; I wonder why?

In the winter it’s cold, what do you touch?
Scarves, mittens, hats—that and other such,
Snow and sleet, hot things too,
Warmth from a fire, enjoyed by you.

All of the seasons made by our Heavenly Father,
Have you ever said thank You? Did you even bother?

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