Adventures of Average Boy: The Big Flop

by Eleyna, 10, from Georgia

The phone rang.

“Caw, caw. Who caws the crow?” I answered. (It was Bird Day, celebrated by me.)

“I don’t get it,” said a girl’s voice. It sounded like Kelly.

“You know, because ‘caw’ sounds like ‘call,’” I explained.

I hate having to explain my jokes. It happens all the time.

“What do you want, Kelly?” I asked.

“Today is Brian’s birthday, right?”

“Yes,” I said. I was getting kind of impatient.

“Good,” she said. “I’m throwing him—”

“You’re throwing Brian?!” I interrupted.

“No, I’m thr... uh, hosting a surprise party for him,” Kelly said. “Do you want to help me bake the cake?”

“I don’t bake,” I replied.

“But you’re Brian’s brother!” she pleaded. “You know all of his favorite things.”

I sighed. “Fine, I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Twenty minutes later, I was in Kelly’s kitchen.

“So, what is Brian’s favorite cake flavor?” Kelly asked. She had a purple notepad (with a large K printed on it) and a purple pen with a plume.

“Uh, I think he likes chocolate,” I said.

“Perfect.” Kelly began taking ingredients out of the pantry. “Let’s start with the batter.”

I had some questions first. “Kelly, how are we going to get Brian to the party without spoiling the surprise?”

“The party is at the pavilion in the park,” Kelly said. “Collin will invite Brian to go to the park with him.”

I had to admit, I was impressed. I watched the cake go into the oven, wishing it was my birthday.

A few hours later, Kelly and I carried the cake to the picnic table at the park. All of Brian’s friends were there, including Mr. Bratson’s poodle, Noodle. (I had suggested the name.)

Noodle ran over and started licking my ankles. It tickled. I let go of the cake pan and started petting Noodle.

“Bob, HELP!” Kelly shouted. But it was too late. The cake fell and splattered into pieces. Frosting was everywhere!

Just then, Collin and Brian showed up. Everyone shouted, “Surprise!”

Brian walked over and licked some frosting off my arm.

“Yummy,” he said. “Is that chocolate?”

Kelly nodded. “Your brother said it was your favorite.”

Brian smiled. “No, that’s his favorite. But hey, cake is cake!”

We all laughed and wished him happy birthday.

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