Billy Bob Saves the Day

by Kaelyn, 10, from Indiana

On another normal day in Hatborough, Billy Bob was in his superhero gym testing his super-strength by lifting weights as heavy as elephants. Suddenly, his BB phone rang. A robber named Villain had just robbed the jewel store.

Billy Bob was on his way! He put on his cape and ran outside. Then he looked down and noticed he was in his pajamas. He ran inside to change.

On his map, Billy Bob located the villain. He decided to use his super-speed. But Villain was smart, and Billy Bob got stuck in a net. He got untangled quickly, and in a flash, he was up in the air.

Billy Bob swooped down like a bird catching his prey. He grabbed Villain and took him to jail.

Billy Bob had saved the day once again! He saved the day many more times, but he always remembered to change out of his pajamas.

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