I Am From

by Natalia, 13, from Manitoba

I am from a great family,
From parents who love me.
I am from funny siblings,
From late-night talks with my sister.

I am from music,
From melodies and tunes.
I am from “Do your best,” “We love you,”
And “Remember who you are.”

I’m from a quilt
That my mom made herself.
I’m from books,
The stories on my shelf.

I’m from combines in fall,
Loud, big and green.
I am from wheat fields,
As far as the eye can see.

I am from Verenikje,
From Kjielkje with Schmauntfat.
I am from family gatherings,
Houses filled with loved ones.

I am from a great family,
From parents who care, come what may.
I am from love,
Growing stronger each day.

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