Let's Go!

by Kalyn, 15, from California

Talent, God-given
Use it for His glory
We’re all part of His story
So every morning
Let’s step into a new territory.

Get out of the discriminatory society
With the arguing and rioting
Come into a world of acceptance,
Repentance, openness.
You’ll then
How much it means
For those who see
Someone who cares to be
The change.
To swim out of the current
Of the undertow
Not to flow with that push
No, come on, let’s go!
Get out to those hurting
Where any challenge
Is worth it.
Come, let’s share
Christ’s love
That eternally glows.

Let’s get out of that cage
Built with bars of
Rage, evil and hate.
It’s not too late to
Make a difference.
Make life worth living
Share your love and all
God’s given.
Be gospel driven,
And reach those hidden
From His light.

It is written, “Don’t let anyone
Look down on you
Because you are young…”
No, take a step
Of faith and be that one
That sees a bigger prize
Yet to be won.

Come with me to live out the passion,
The joy we’re having,
Cuz God’s love is everlasting.
Let’s use what we have
Let’s jump in; take action
Live a life of devotion
And He’ll do
More than we could

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