Solution to The Vanishing Lemonade

by True, 12, from California

With the recipe in hand, we walked outside to examine the lemonade.

“What happened?!” Camilla asked eagerly.

“You miscalculated the amount of lemonade the recipe would make,” Matthew answered.

“Yes,” I told her. “You added all of the ingredients together, which is not the correct way to calculate how much lemonade a recipe makes. Adding 8 gallons of water, 2 gallons of lemon juice, and 2 gallons of sugar actually does come to 12 gallons. However, the sugar dissolves, and the final volume is closer to 10 gallons, not 12.”

“Ohhh,” Camilla said. “I see.”

“I’ll go inside right now and make more lemonade!” Olivia offered.

“Thanks, sis! Thank you so much, Emily and Matthew!” Camilla said joyfully.

“No problem,” my sidekick said.

“Now let’s get ready to sell some lemonade and summer treats, because here comes a customer!” I declared.

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