Tori’s Story: Friendship and Kittens

by Kamryn, 9, from Ohio

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was bored.

Hmmm, I thought, I wonder how long I can hold my breath. Before long, I started wheezing.

Mom popped her head into my room and asked, “Tori, are you OK?”

“Yeah, Mom, sorry. Just seeing how long I could hold my breath,” I replied.

“Well, maybe don’t,” she said.

Oops. Well, it wasn’t very much fun anyway. Wait. Light bulb! I could make friendship bracelets. Hmm, what should I make them out of? Maybe pipe cleaners. If I take three and twist them together... OK, next question, who should I give them to? Well, that’s not really a question—Olivia, of course. First thing to do is decide which colors to use. What about blue, purple and black? That would look nice together.

I was about halfway done when I decided to get a snack. After I finished eating I came back to work on my... wires?

“Trixie! Really? Ughhh!!!” I groaned. I guess that’s what you get when you leave a great project with a frisky young kitten. I’ll just have to try again later.

Hmm... what is there to do when I’m bored? I wonder how long I can hold my breath?

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