Adventures of Average Boy: Waterskiing Champ

by Jessica, 11, from Alberta

You won’t believe it. I’m leaving to go camping with Brian and Billy today. Just the three of us, miles away from home! Well, not really, more like we’re camping near the lake a few blocks from my house with my dad.

I packed the van with all sorts of necessary things including marshmallows and burgers. Mom insisted that I bring some veggies, so I packed potatoes... potato chips!

We hopped in the car and were off to the lake! After hours of driving (although Dad claims it was only five minutes), we pulled into our campsite.

I suggested we go in search of bears, but Billy said we should set up our tents. After we finished (I needed a little help from my brother, er, no one), we headed to the boat rental shop to rent a jet ski.

Dad pushed the jet ski into the water.

“We should go waterskiing,” I suggested. I grabbed my skis.

“I said to bring water skis, not snow skis!” Billy exclaimed as I walked awkwardly to the edge of the water.

Billy gave my feet a weird look as Dad mounted the jet ski.

“Hold on,” he shouted and drove off.

In a matter of seconds, I was flying across the water! But only for about as long as it took me to get going. So about five seconds. Then I was under the water. I heard someone yelling, “Net throw!” I couldn’t play Net Throw right now, whatever it was.

The jet ski stopped, and I resurfaced. (Thank goodness for life jackets.)

“I told you to let go!” Brian exclaimed when we reached shore.

“No you didn’t. All I heard was someone yelling Net Throw,” I said. “Wait.”

“What?!” Brain exclaimed.

“What is Net Throw?” Billy asked.

It was a great trip.

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