The Missing Ribbon

by Aiofe, 13, from Washington

A good detective keeps her eyes open. Every detail is important when investigating a mystery. This year, the Odyssey library was holding an art show. I strolled past the tables, admiring the pictures and sculptures. Suddenly, Tori ran up to me.

“Emily!” she cried. “I need your help!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“My painting won a ribbon, but now it’s missing!” Tori explained. “Come see.”

I followed her to her table. She had painted a cherry tree in full bloom. Several wads of paper towels lay where the ribbon should have been. I noticed a small blue smudge on the table’s edge.

Tori pointed to the towels. “I found those when I discovered the ribbon was missing.”

“Was anyone suspicious around?” I asked.

Tori thought a moment. “Jay Smouse was here.”

“Could he have made the smudge?”

“Maybe. He did have a blue Popsicle.”

Just then, Olivia walked over. “Hey, Tori. Hey, Emily.”

“Hi, Olivia!” Tori greeted our friend. “Where were you?”

“We were helping our neighbors paint their house,” Olivia explained. “I think it turned out really well. Look.” She held up her phone, showing us a photo of a freshly painted blue house.

“Very nice,” Tori said.

Olivia smiled. “I’m glad you like it. Hey, do you guys know where the water fountain is? I spilled my water bottle earlier.”

“It’s over by the restrooms,” I told her.

After Olivia left, Tori asked, “Do you know where my ribbon is, Emily?”

I looked over the clues one more time. Then I nodded. “Yes, I do.”

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Copyright © Focus on the Family. Used by permission.