Solution to The Missing Ribbon

by Aoife, 13, from Washington

“Jay could have smudged the table,” I told Tori, “but that wouldn’t explain the paper towels. However, Olivia did say she spilled water. She probably used the towels to mop it up.”

Tori’s eyes went wide.

“And she was painting a house with blue paint,” I continued. “She probably left the smudge.”

We found Olivia at the water fountain.

“Sorry, Tori,” she apologized. “I spilled my bottle on your table, so I picked up your ribbon to keep it from getting wet. I forgot to return it. Here it is.” She held out the ribbon.

Tori took it. “Thank you, Olivia.” The she turned to me. “And thank you, Emily.”

I smiled “You’re welcome. Now let’s go check out the rest of the art!”

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