How to Make New Friends

When it comes to meeting new people, are you a gruff grizzly, a chilly polar bear or a cuddly teddy? Find out in the September 2015 issue of Clubhouse magazine!

Any bear can benefit from these 12 friend-making tips:

Smile. It tells the other person you are happy to be with her.

Be a good listener. Find things you have in common.

Always be kind and polite.

Trade information about your likes and dislikes. Just don’t complain too much, or you’ll attract grumpy friends.

Don’t hog the conversation. A good conversation is like a game of pingpong. After you talk, give the other person a chance to speak.

Look into your friend’s eyes, not at the floor. It shows him that you care about what he is saying.

Support your friend’s feelings, even if you don’t understand them. If she’s sad because her fish died, don’t make fun of her.

Invite him to do something special that you both like to do.

Be a good sport if you don’t get your way. Your turn will come if you are patient.

Compliment your friend.

Share toys and take turns without complaining.

Remember her name, and use it often. It makes people feel special.

Copyright © 2015 by Focus on the Family. Illustration © Travis Foster.