Prayer Adventure

by E.A. Wright

Sunday, March 6 

Dear God in heaven,

My Sunday school teacher gave all the guys a notebook like this one. He called it our “Prayer Adventure” notebook. I think he was trying to make us feel better about this homework assignment. You know, kind of like when the doctor tells you to choose a toy from the treasure chest right after you get a shot.

Oh! I’m sorry, Lord. I never meant to say You were bad news or that it was painful to talk to You, but I’m sure You won’t be surprised if I tell You praying is not the most exciting part of my day.

Anyway, Mr. Roberts told us we should talk to You every day and see what happens.

Sincerely, Sam

Monday, March 7 

Dear God the Father,

I’m so sleepy I can hardly see the lines on the page. I got busy with school, baseball practice and homework, so I’m just now getting around to talking to You. It’s OK, though. Nothing exciting happened.


Tuesday, March 8 

Dear God,

You know what’s weird? I’m awake, and it’s 15 minutes before my mom usually calls me to get up for school. Did You want me to talk to You before I go?

As long as we’re talking, God, I have a geometry test today. I studied yesterday, but I keep getting those triangles mixed up, and I always forget how to measure the angles. Could You please help me keep them straight?

Oh, and one more thing. I’ve had a hard time keeping my eyes on my own paper. Chad, the math genius, sits beside me and his paper is just at the right slant for me to see his answers. I know I shouldn’t peek, but I can’t help seeing sometimes. Do You think You could help me come up with a strategy to keep focused on my own paper?

Thankfully, Sam

Tuesday, March 8 

Hi, God!

I know I don’t have to talk to You till tomorrow, but I just had to let You know what happened in school. You noticed I prayed before the math test. (I usually forget because I’m so nervous.) You didn’t forget to help me! I don’t know if I kept all those angles and triangles straight, but I didn’t chew the eraser off my new pencil!

And I got to thinking that I didn’t have to sit and fight temptation. I remembered this verse I heard in church about You providing an escape. So I asked Mrs. Henry if I could sit at the reading corner desk (away from the other kids). She looked surprised but said it was OK.

When I got home I asked Dad about that verse. He said it was 1 Corinthians 10:13. I think I’ll memorize it before the next test. Thanks for being there. You already know all this stuff, but it was fun telling You anyway.

Oh! Before I forget, at supper Mom said Mr. Green fell and broke his leg today. Someone will have to take care of his parakeet and vegetable garden while he’s in the hospital.

Wondering, Sam

Wednesday, March 9  

Good morning, God!

If I’d known what was going to happen when I started this prayer adventure, I might have thought twice about writing that first note!

Last night I dreamed I had Mr. Green’s parakeet over here, and I was taking care of it! Were You trying to tell me something? I guess I better check it out with Mom and Dad at breakfast.

Talk to You later, Sam

P.S. This has to be quick because the school bus comes in two minutes. Dad said taking care of the parakeet was a great idea.

Thursday, March 10 

Dear God,

You sure know how to choose the projects! Have You ever tried to catch an escaped parakeet? Talk about adventure! Mom, Dad and I had to run around the house. We chased that crazy bird for two hours!

When we all collapsed on the couch, Pirate (that’s the parakeet) hopped over to his cage, shook his head and waddled over to take a drink before sitting on his swing with a tweet.

We laughed so hard! He just wanted to play.

My Dad stopped at the hospital to see Mr. Green. His leg is in a cast, but the doctor wants to keep him for another day.


Friday, March 11

Hi, God!

I was thinking that maybe Tommy Dodson would be the perfect person to take care of Mr. Green’s garden. Tommy really likes plants and stuff. Maybe he and I could make sure Mr. Green has salad veggies this summer.

Oh! You’ll never guess the grade I got on my math test: B minus! That’s the best I’ve done all year! Mrs. Henry told me after class that she was proud of me for doing so well by myself. I wonder if that means she knew I had trouble keeping my eyes on my own paper last time. . . .

Thankfully, Sam 

Saturday, March 12 


I called Tommy last night, and we met at Mr. Green’s house this morning. We make a great weed-pulling team. That garden was weeded and watered in no time at all. Then Tommy figured we’d better mow the lawn and water the flowers, too. By lunchtime, the whole place was beautiful! I think Tommy would make a good friend, don’t You?


Sunday, March 13  

Good morning!

I need to get going pretty soon. We leave for church right after breakfast, but I wanted to tell You something important.

I was thinking again — I know. My dad always says, “Sam, if you’re not careful, it might become a habit.” But You know what was the best part of this week? I made new friends: Pirate, Tommy and You! Yep, You’re my new friend, too.

I have a confession to make. I always thought praying was kind of boring. But that was before I started just talking to You and listening for Your answers. I guess I should thank Mr. Roberts this morning. He was right. Praying is an adventure — especially when I have a friend like YOU!

Your friend, Sam           

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