Rated: PG

Distributed By:


Directed by:

Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell


Justin Long as Humphrey; Hayden Panettiere as Kate; Danny Glover as Winston; Vicki Lewis as Eve; Dennis Hopper as Tony; Christina Ricci as Lilly; Larry Miller as Marcel; Eric Price as Paddy and Mooch; Chris Carmack as Garth

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Alpha and Omega

In Canada's Jasper National Park, alpha wolf Kate and omega wolf Humphrey are from opposite ends of the pack—literally. The take-charge alpha wolves are always focused on catching prey, and the laid back omegas, meanwhile, just wanna have fun.

But Kate and Humphrey get a lesson in understanding when they are unexpectedly captured by forest rangers and relocated to Idaho. That's just dandy with easy-going Humphrey. But Kate's sense of responsibility calls her back home to keep her pack well fed and protected. So at the advice of Marcel, a golf-playing goose, and Paddy, his caddy, Kate and Humphrey hitchhike north.

During her adventure with Humphrey, Kate learns how to have fun and be a good leader. Humphrey steps up to the plate to protect Kate and others, even when nobody expects an omega to do anything heroic. Several characters risk their lives to save others, and the snarling packs eventually grow to have a caring relationship.

Unfortunately, Alpha and Omega is full of potty humor and mild violence, including biting, falling, and wolves attacking prey and each other. There are way too many vague references to adult content to be appropriate for a children's film. To call it a children's romantic comedy, wouldn't be going too far. Some scenes contain name-calling and several of the characters lie to each other.

Even though Alpha and Omega shows some solid messages, the amount of off-color humor and references to adult content may make some families want to keep this film in the doghouse . . . forever. 

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