Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Sony Pictures

Directed by:

Sarah Smith


Voices of James McAvoy as Arthur; Hugh Laurie as Steve; Bill Nighy as Grandsanta; Jim Broadbent as Santa; Imelda Staunton as Mrs. Santa; Ashley Jensen as Bryony

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Arthur Christmas

Think the Christmas season is stressful for you? Try visiting the house of Claus around the holidays. It's not all milk and cookies at the North Pole. Those millions of presents don't get made and wrapped and distributed by themselves. No, it takes work. And about 15 quintillion elves who have to fight off 30 below temperatures to ensure that every kid finds a gift under their tree Christmas morning. Santa loves his job, but he seems to have grown distant from his own family.

That doesn't sit so well with is oldest son, Steve, who's been Santa's right-hand man for ages. Santa's second son, Arthur, meanwhile, tries to stay out of these family squabbles. He has a heart for the season and a love for everything his father stands for. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, the unthinkable happens: A child doesn't get her present. For Arthur, it means a little girl is losing faith in Santa and Christmas. He just can't let that happen.

Arthur Christmas is not gifted, but what sets him apart is his goodness and compassion. He loves Christmas, and he loves his family. While the rest of his family squabbles and bickers, Arthur tries to preserve the Christmas spirit. He knows the elves make fun of him, and he knows he'll never be as cool as his big brother. And yet he puts all that aside because he believes in Santa’s true goodness.

Arthur Christmas has some violent scenes, including being attacked by lions, explosions and smacking into a tree. Arthur’s grandfather, Grandsanta, likes to make fun of everyone and make rude comments about Santa.

Arthur Christmas is a good example of the fact that even if things aren't perfect during Christmas, there's still something special about the season. More importantly, Arthur's attitude toward that one child who was skipped gives us a glimpse of how God looks at each one of us. There's roughly 7 billion of us now, and each one of us is important to Him. You won’t much talk about Jesus—the true reason for the season—in this film, but there are still some nice themes.

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