Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney/Buena Vista

Directed by:

Raja Gosnell


Jamie Lee Curtis as Aunt Viv; Piper Perabo as Rachel; voices of Drew Barrymore as Chloe; Andy Garcia as Delgado; George Lopez as Papi; Cheech Marin as Manuel; Paul Rodriguez as Chico

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Likeable-but-coddled Chloe is a diamond-clad, English-speaking Beverly Hills Chihuahua who laments the fact that it's "hard to find a mate with papers." Papi is a Chihuahua whose to-do-list includes paying attention to Chloe and helping Sam, his landscaper owner, dig holes in the backyard.

When Chloe's owner, Aunt Viv, is called away on a business trip, she asks her somewhat irresponsible dog-disliking niece Rachel to dog-sit. While Chloe is in her care, Rachel is invited on a road trip to Mexico. Chloe, who does not appreciate being treated like an ordinary dog, runs away and gets kidnapped by a dog- fighting ring. Papi must come to the rescue as Chloe learns valuable lessons about being herself.

As Chloe faces danger and experiences the loyalty of her new companions, she grows from being "just a lapdog" to realizing her true worth and abilities. Friends face danger to help one another. Rachel takes responsibility when Chloe gets lost and refuses to give up the search.

Rachel and her friends wear immodest bathing suits at the pool. Slightly inappropriate songs play in the background of several scenes. Some scenes involving bad guys, attack-dogs and dangerous chases may frighten younger children. Human characters tell several lies.

Apart from the dishonesty displayed by some of the characters, and a few out of place jokes, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is full of the kid-friendly messages of loyalty, friendship, acceptance and courage.

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