Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney/Buena Vista

Directed by:

Sam Fell


Voices of John Travolta as Bolt; Miley Cyrus as Penny; Mark Walton as Rhino; Susie Essman as Mittens.

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


Bolt is no ordinary dog. He's been pumped up with super science to be so strong that he can head butt a speeding vehicle or bash a concrete wall and always come out on top. The only problem is…that's only on TV. But Bolt doesn't know he's only a TV superhero. 

So when he's accidently packed up in a box and shipped off set, he wonders why his superpowers aren't working properly But with the help of a streetwise alley cat and a sidekick hamster in a plastic ball, Bolt will find his TV owner, Penny, and save the day.

Bolt's greatest desire is to protect Penny. He travels half the country, refusing to stop searching for her and even risks his life to save her. He is heroic in the face of danger. Penny loves her pet just as much as he loves her. Bolt's new friends prove to be loyal, even when they get off to a bad start.

A few action-packed and suspenseful scenes may worry younger children. Bolt discovers-to his horror-that ordinary dogs have a habit of sniffing each other in inappropriate places. But overall, Bolt is a top-notch family treat.

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