Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Universal Pictures

Directed by:

Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud


Voices of Steve Carell as Gru; Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario; Jason Segel as Vector; Miranda Cosgrove as Margo; Dana Gaier as Edith; Elsie Fisher as Agnes

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Despicable Me

All Gru ever really wanted was to be history's No. 1 supervillain. There's only one problem: Gru's heists haven't really won him the fame he expected. In fact, they seem kind of lame compared to a rival villain's most recent theft.

So Gru decides to shoot for the moon. Literally. His plan is to snatch the moon and stash it in his trophy room. But three cookie-selling orphan sisters may just ruin the plan.

The film is filled with heroic choices and the life-changing impact of love and family. Gru at first wants to just use the orphan girls for his own world-dominating plans, but they soften Gru's heart and make him realize he's far better suited to being a super dad than super bad. And in the end, Gru finds his greatest accomplishment in voicing love for his newly adopted clan.

There is quite a bit of slapstick violence, including shoving, slapping and punching and also some potty humor. Gru is shown with bombs and knives and has a nasty dog with razor-sharp teeth.

So does Despicable Me, with its great comedic action, not-so-bad-guy and pint-sized adorable heroines, take another step in the right direction for family-friendly animated movies? Hiss . . . I mean, yes.

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