Rated: PG

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox

Directed by:

Chris Wedge (Robots, Ice Age)


Voices of Amanda Seyfried as MK; Colin Farrell as Ronin; Josh Hutcherson as Nod; Beyoncé Knowles as Queen Tara; Jason Sudeikis as Professor Bomba

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


MK (short for Mary Katherine) hopes to reconnect with her father. But the professor has no time—he’s on the verge of a major breakthrough! Something about tiny soldiers riding on hummingbirds.

MK doesn’t believe her dad’s crazy theories. But as she searches for her dog in the woods, she spots a tiny woman lying on the ground. When MK kneels down to help, the itty-bitty creature tosses a glowing pod at her. MK catches it and immediately shrinks down to the size of a grasshopper.

Now that she’s small, MK discovers that the forest is filled with life . . . and danger. The heroic Leafmen—who makes plants grow—fight the Boggans, who spread rot and decay. Plus, there are bully bugs and giant, slobbery dogs to watch out for.

The Leafmen are brave and selfless. Queen Tara willingly faces danger to help save her people. And once MK spends time in Moonhaven, she too puts her life on the line to preserve this special world from extinction. The movie also promotes caring for your environment. A healthy, growing forest benefits everyone—even the smart-mouthed slugs.

The war for the forest erupts into several battles. Flurries of tiny slashing swords and arrows fill the screen. We don’t see any blood, but one death stands out: A Boggan falls off his bird and splats on a giant windshield, just like a bug.

The language is very mild, with a little bit of silly name-calling. We see one brief kiss.

Overall, Epic is a cute fairy tale, with heavy doses of magic and a conservationist subtext. The film is full of color and swooping action, and the voices are well-acted. It’s nice to see MK and her dad grow closer as a family. Although the forest may be full of danger, by the end of the movie, you’ll probably be dreaming up epic adventures of your own!

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