Rated: PG

Distributed By:

The Weinstein Company

Directed by:

Callan Brunker


Voices of Rob Corddry as Gary; Brendan Fraser as Scorch; William Shatner as General Shanker; Jonathan Morgan Heit as Kip; Sarah Jessica Parker as Kira; Jessica Alba as Lena

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Escape From Planet Earth

When Scorch—planet Baab's most famous hero—undertakes a perilous mission to Earth, things go bad in a hurry. Before you can say, “E.T. phone home,” Scorch is hit with a tranquilizer dart and taken to General Shanker’s base in Area 51. Unfortunately, no other alien on Baab is heroic enough to launch a rescue mission . . . except perhaps Scorch’s timid, brainy brother, Gary.

Scorch and Gary—like many brothers—don’t exactly get along. But they do care about each other, and as their adventure unfolds, they learn to appreciate each other’s strengths. After all, courage without common sense is dangerous. On the other hand, Gary comes to realize that “All the planning in the world doesn't help without a hero to make it happen.”

Escape From Planet Earth is filled with slapstick violence. Aliens and humans in HAZMAT suits frequently fight each other, getting hit, kicked and thrown around. Folks get blasted by freeze guns, shock collars and tractor beams. Planes, helicopters and alien ships crash (after the pilots safely eject). One character builds a weapon that can destroy whole planets.

The film includes a few inappropriate jokes (which may go over younger viewers’ heads). There are multiple smooches, and one couple talks romantically to each other over video. General Shanker poses shirtless. God’s name is misused once. A few aliens act strange after drinking a beverage that is “800 percent sugar.”

Families who expect great animation and deep characters might have to look elsewhere. We do get some feel-good moments and a strong pro-family message. The story is so goofy it almost works. If you watch it with a big bowl of popcorn (and a family member to share it with), Escape From Planet Earth could be a fun escape on a lazy Saturday.

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