Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney Studios

Directed by:

Hoyt Yeatman


Bill Nighy as Leonard Saber; Zach Galifianakis as Ben; Will Arnett as Agent Kip Killian; voices of Nicolas Cage as Speckles; Sam Rockwell as Darwin; Jon Favreau as Hurley; Penélope Cruz as Juarez; Tracy Morgan as Blaster.

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


In a nondescript little warehouse, a special team called G-Force trains day and night for government spy work. Its members have cutting-edge computers, whiz-bang high-tech espionage equipment and . . . the latest guinea pig-to-human language decoders. Making up this secret squad of sleuths are, well, several guinea pigs, an actual mole and a fly. This furry force discovers secrets about a computer chip mogul who's gone to the dark side.

As the heroic rodents face off against the bad guys, there is no blood. However, some scenes feature cartoon violence where animals thump into the ground and household appliances become vicious. Other drawbacks include the misuse of God's name several times, many occasions of bathroom humor and inappropriate comments made between boy and girl guinea pigs.

While the film contains some negative aspects, its furry heroes do demonstrate bravery and learn life lessons along the way. They repeatedly put themselves on the line for each other and refuse to give up. Also, some positive things about family surface when one G-force member learns that a goofy, overweight guinea pig is his brother. The two soon learn to care deeply for each other.

This film has both positive and negative factors in small doses and ends up feeling a lot like a Saturday morning cartoon. No profoundly provocative life lessons—just furry fighting and cuteness.

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