Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Warner Bros.

Directed by:

George Miller (Happy Feet)


Voices of Elijah Wood as Mumble; Ava Acres as Erik; Robin Williams as Ramon and Lovelace; Alecia Moore (P!nk) as Gloria; Meibh Campbell as Boadicia; Benjamin

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Happy Feet Two

In Happy Feet the hero of the film, Mumble, struggled to find his place as a member of a group of soul-singing emperor penguins. Fast-forward one generation, and Mumble's son, Erik, is also having a hard time with expressing himself artistically. His little feet aren't very happy, it seems, so he and his two friends, Atticus and Bo, set off on a walk. They reconnect with Mumble's old buddy, Ramon, and arrive at the Antarctic home of another group of penguins, the Adélies.

Mumble soon realizes that his son and friends are missing, so he shuffles off to find them. After all, how far could they have gone? Most days it would be safe to walk around the Antarctic. But that day a massive iceberg slammed into the emperor penguins' bay—trapping them there. The only ones who can rescue the emperor penguins, of course, are Mumble, Erik and his friends. It won't be easy for any of them. Then again, nobody ever said being a penguin was easy.

Mumble knows what it’s like not to fit in and wants to help Erik find his unique contribution to the world. During the rescue effort, Erik sings a song that convinces everyone to get involved. In his song, Erik sings about how his father has inspired him to keep striving to make a difference, even if the odds seem impossible. It becomes clear that one individual—even something as small as a young penguin—can make a huge difference.

Unfortunately, Happy Feet Two has lots of inappropriate content, including adult relationships, many potty jokes and conversations about spirituality that don’t line up with God’s Word. The word “fluff” stands in for many other curse words.

Happy Feet Two is crammed with lessons about the importance of love, acceptance, teamwork and fatherhood. But add in the other messages that aren’t kid-friendly, and it becomes clear those are not the only lessons being taught.