Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Sony Pictures

Directed by:

Frank Coraci (Zookeeper)


Kevin James as Scott; Henry Winkler as Marty; Salma Hayek as Bella; Charice as Malia; Bas Rutten as Niko

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Here Comes the Boom

Scott Voss is one of those teachers who gave up years ago. He can barely muster the energy to walk into the classroom, much less teach. Marty, the music teacher, is the exact opposite—his classroom hums with joy and enthusiasm.

When the school runs short of money, administrators decide to get rid of the music program. For the first time in ages, Scott is inspired to do something. He used to be a pretty good wrestler . . . 25 years ago. If he can earn enough money as an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, maybe he can save Marty’s music department. Realistically, Scott has no chance of winning his fights. But he’s willing to roll with the punches for a cause he believes in.

MMA is a violent sport, and some of the fights in this film are ferocious. Scott gets hit, kicked, elbowed, choked and thrown countless times. He’s knocked unconscious and sometimes stumbles away disoriented. All of this pounding can leave the audience feeling woozy.

But if you look beyond the octagon, Here Comes the Boom echoes Jesus’ words from John 15:13—“No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” Scott sacrifices his body for Marty, who in turn gives everything he has to help the kids. One of Scott’s best students, Malia, even volunteers to tutor Scott’s trainer.

Before a fight, Scott and his training team gather in a circle and pray. There's also a reference to Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with God.

Scott has a crush on the school nurse, Bella. During their only “official” date, he takes credit for a dinner he didn't make (though Bella sees through his ruse). They eventually kiss once. We hear a few bad words, and God’s name is misused a couple of times. Adult characters drink alcohol. We see and hear a few references to gambling. After eating some bad applesauce, Scott accidentally throws up on an opponent.

Some families might tap out after a few minutes of the MMA violence. But below the booming blows, you’re left with a story about people selflessly fighting to save their schools, their families and their friendships. That’s something worth cheering for any day.

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