Rated: G

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox

Directed by:

Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino


Voices of Jim Carrey as Horton; Seth Rogen as Morton; Carol Burnett as Kangaroo; Steve Carrell as Mayor McDodd; Will Arnett as Vlad; Dan Fogler as Councilman; Josh Flitter as Rudy; Charles Osgood as Narrator

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Horton Hears a Who

In this animated movie based on the Dr. Seuss book, a talking elephant named Horton hears a tiny scream coming from a speck of dust and discovers that there's a whole little community within that speck of dust inhabited by Whos. The Whos are in need of help because they have been dislodged from safety and sent floating through the jungle. Even though he can't see them, Horton decides to save the Whos by putting them on a clover and taking them to safety.

A grumpy kangaroo doesn't believe that Whos live in the speck of dust and accuses Horton of lying to the other jungle animals. She tries everything she can to steal the clover from Horton. None of the Whos can see Horton, and at first, Whoville's Mayor McDodd is the only one who can hear him. Horton and McDodd show great faith by believing in something that they cannot see.

This film contains some great messages for kids. Horton is very responsible in caring for the Whos and doesn't listen to other people when they tell him that, "if you can't see it, it's not there." But Horton demonstrates a truth from the Bible: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

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