Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Paramount Pictures

Directed by:

John Stevenson and Mark Osborne


Voices of Jack Black as Po; Dustin Hoffman as Shifu; Angelina Jolie as Tigress; Ian McShane as Tai Lung; Jackie Chan as Monkey; Seth Rogen as Mantis and Lucy Liu as Viper

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Kung Fu Panda

Po dreams of being like the Furious Five kung fu fighters, but he is only a chubby, stumble-footed and easily winded panda, so he's stuck in the family noodle business. When he hears that a Dragon Warrior will be chosen to fulfill legend and defend the Jade Kingdom from the dreaded martial arts master Tai Lung, Po goes to the Jade Palace to watch tryouts—and becomes the Dragon Warrior. Although no one seems to believe in him, Po must protect the mysterious Dragon Scroll from falling into the hands of the evil villain.

Respect, doing your best and believing in yourself are strong themes throughout the movie. So are self- discipline, learning from your elders, protecting the innocent and standing up for what is right. The sin of pride is what makes the villain what he is, and another character asks forgiveness for being a bad example to Tai Lung.

There are elements of Eastern spirituality, including a turtle who dreams the future and believes that the universe itself influences the future. Demons, ying yang, and departed souls all make an appearance. Of course, there's lots of kung fu fighting, but most of it is more funny than serious. A few of the fights with Tai Lung may be a little too intense for very young viewers. There's also some of bathroom humor and rude language.

Clubhouse readers should see this one with a parent who can explain the truth about mystical parts.

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