Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney

Directed by:

Simon Wells (The Prince of Egypt)


Voices of Seth Green as Milo; Dan Fogler as Gribble; Joan Cusack as Mom; Elisabeth Harnois as Ki; Mindy Sterling as Supervisor

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Mars Needs Moms

Let's face it, it's a mom's job to keep order in the world. And there's nobody who appreciates that fact more than the citizens of...Mars. In their neck of the galaxy, things are a bit messed up. Some time ago the Martian society tossed its males on the junk heap and the females took over all the official duties. So there's no one to look after the children but nannybots. That’s where a good Earth mom can be so helpful.

The Martians have a particular Earth mom in mind: Milo's mom. Not that 9-year-old Milo would always give her a thumbs-up. Like so many other kids, he gets pretty tired of his mom's smothering attention. But when the aliens show up to grab his mother, Milo doesn't take it lying down. Mars may need moms, but not his.

Milo is ready to put his life on the line to save his mom. He even goes so far as to push her out of the way of a laser blast, taking the hit himself. Even more important than all that mom-saving heroism, however, is the film's recognition of the importance of a loving family and of good mothering.

There are some mildly violent scenes, including characters being shot with lasers and vaporized by sunlight. There are also a few curse words and some mild potty humor.

Mars Needs Moms entertains and connects emotionally. The "moms are great and family is essential" message shines through like a sky full of stars on a clear winter's night. The film is one of those light family flicks that reminds us all that Mom (and Dad) just might be a bit more useful and cool than we thought.

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