Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Relativity Media

Directed by:

Tarsem Singh


Julia Roberts as The Queen; Lily Collins as Snow White; Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott; Nathan Lane as Brighton

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Mirror Mirror

In a sunny, cheerful kingdom lives a beautiful queen. When the king disappears, she is free to do whatever she wants. She wears gorgeous dresses and throws fancy parties. She even flirts with a handsome young prince. There's only one problem: her stepdaughter, the princess, might be prettier than her.

Mirror Mirror tells the story of Snow White from the evil queen's point of view. We quickly discover what's inside doesn't match the outside. The queen's beauty can't disguise her vanity and insecurity. She decides to get rid of the teenage princess, and that's when her whole world starts crumbling down. For in this version of the story, Snow White is "made of more than you think."

The film includes fairy-tale kisses and a goofy scene about "puppy love." There are also swordfights (who fights whom might surprise you), scary beasts and magical battles. To prove that he "killed" Snow White, the queen's servant pulls out a sack of meat; it's a silly scene, but we do see blood, animal organs and a string of sausages. God's name is sometimes used disrespectfully.

Mirror Mirror reminds us of I Samuel 16:7, "Do not look at his appearance or his stature . . . for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart." There's nothing wrong with being pretty—God created beauty, after all—but if we focus too much on how we look, we're missing the big picture. Snow White is beautiful, but she's also smart, talented, patient and brave . . . a hero, through and through. And Snow's transformation from the beginning of the movie to the end shows us that we all have the choice to change and grow and make the world better. Brighter. Fairer.

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