Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Universal Pictures

Directed by:

Susanna White


Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee; Ralph Fiennes as Lord Gray; Ewan McGregor as Mr. Green; Maggie Gyllenhaal as Mrs. Green; Maggie Smith as Mrs. Docherty; Rhys Ifans as Uncle Phil; Asa Butterfield as Norman Green; Eros Vlahos as Cyril Gray; Lil Woods as Megsie Green; Oscar Steer as Vincent Green

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Nanny McPhee Returns

Isabelle Green vows she and her three children are coping beautifully. Never mind the fact that her kids sass her, scuffle and screech while her husband fights in World War II. The Greens are in jeopardy of losing the family farm if they can't make a tractor payment. And Uncle Phil wants to sell the farm to pay off his gambling debt. Luckily, the mysterious—and hideously ugly—Nanny McPhee blows back onto the screen to have another go.

Nanny McPhee serves as a point of inspiration for families as she teaches her charges discipline and respect. Despite their rocky start, the children come to appreciate, sacrifice for and love one another.

The ugly nanny has her knotty walking stick, which she yields for disciplinary magic, but the source of this power is never explained. Children punch, slap, pull hair, hit, kick, wrestle aggressively and chase one another. "Poo" becomes the source of many onscreen gags since the Greens live on a working—and therefore very "pooey"—farm.

In order to repair the fractures in her newest adopted family, Nanny McPhee must teach her young charges five lessons: 1) Stop fighting, 2) Share nicely, 3) Help each other, 4) Be brave, 5) Have faith. There's no evidence of exactly what we should be having faith in. Too bad the nanny doesn’t teach the children that lesson.

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