Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney Pictures

Directed by:

Walt Becker


John Travolta as Charlie; Robin Williams as Dan; Kelly Preston as Vicki; Conner Rayburn as Zach; Ella Bleu Travolta as Emily; Lori Loughlin as Amanda; Seth Green as Ralph White; Bernie Mac as Jimmy Lunchbox

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Old Dogs

For 30 years, high school friends Charlie and Dan hang out together, start a business together and have no concept of family. But then Dan divorces his wife, marries a near-complete stranger named Vicki, and gets his second divorce . . . all within a 24-hour period. Life returns to normal for around seven years; that is, until Vicki stops by for a visit and asks Dan to take care of her kids (which are, incidentally, his kids, too).

Dan watches them—even though he doesn’t know anything about kids, doesn’t particularly like kids and most of his interactions with kids wind up with someone getting a bloody nose. He immediately drafts his best bud for babysitting duty, and Charlie reluctantly agrees—even though the two of them are in the middle of the biggest business deal of their lives. How hard could watching two 7-year-olds be, right?

Old Dogs does portray some positive elements, including being a good father, taking care of your responsibilities and being there for your family. It does, however, contain adult topics, such as divorce, lying, alcohol and prescription medicine use. The violence is mainly slapstick humor (hands being smashed, guys hit in the groin), and there's also a fair share of potty humor. Plus, God’s name is misused several times, and name-calling crops up.

Overall, family is at the forefront of this movie, as is selflessness and friendship. You could say this is one old dog of a film that tries to be family friendly even if it’s not exactly sure how to be clean and funny at the same time.

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