Rated: G

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox

Directed by:

Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age)


Voices of Jessie Eisenberg as Blu; Anne Hathaway as Jewel; Leslie Mann as Linda; Rodrigo Santoro as Tulio; George Lopez as Rafael

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


What do you call a bird that can't fly? In Rio, you call him Blu. Taken by smugglers from the Brazilian jungle before he learned how to soar, Blu, a blue macaw chick, was exported to Minnesota as an exotic pet. There, he fell off the back of a truck and a young girl named Linda found him. The two became fast friends.

Now grown, Linda runs a bookshop while Blu lives a life filled with hot cocoa, terrific toys and plenty of cuddling. But there's a problem: Linda and Blu are told he's the last male of his species and must go back to the jungle. When Tulio, a Brazilian zoologist, takes Blu back to Brazil to meet the last blue macaw female, Jewel, the two macaws quickly find themselves tango-ing with dangerous bird smugglers.

Blu and Linda share a wonderful friendship. In fact, throughout Rio, friends risk their lives for one another when things get perilous. The joys of family are emphasized when Blu and Jewel are shown with their baby chicks.

Unfortunately, Rio is not without its share of inappropriate content and many poor choices in music on the soundtrack. Most of the violence depicted can be considered slapstick, but a few characters do harmful things that look and feel like real violence. There is also lots of potty humor to go around.

Rio boasts sparkling animation and colorful displays of friendship, determination and courage. But though this movie is not really about serious life issues, we do learn something about the director’s view of what he thinks makes life worthwhile and fun. Thankfully, we don’t have to agree.

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