Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Warner Bros.

Directed by:

Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids)


Jimmy Bennett as Toby

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


Toby Thompson lives in Black Falls—a company town filled with company employees who jump at the whip-cracking commands of tyrannical company owner Mr. Carbon Black. At school, Toby is bullied and called names by Black's daughter. At home Toby's troubles continue when his parents are set up by Mr. Black as leaders of opposing creative teams, causing them to grow apart.

But one day a rainbow-colored wishing rock drops from the sky. This stone keeps changing hands, and a whole bunch of silly wishes keep changing . . . everything. And that's when Toby's tale really begins.

Everyone has something to wish for. Some wishes are innocent turned goofy—one boy wishes for a friend "as unique as I am" and instantly receives a gaggle of inch-high, green alien pals.

Some wishes turn out to be a little more complicated, like when Toby's friend finds himself snapped at by dozens of hissing cobras and giant marauding crocs. Unfortunately, many of these outlandish tales are mixed with plenty of gross-out humor.

By the end of Shorts everyone has learned a few life lessons: Toby sees that bullies are actually hurting inside; Toby's parents refuse to work against each other and, instead, choose to become a closer, loving couple; and the whole town of Black Falls learns that selfish wishes cause more bad than good and ultimately aren't worth making.

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