Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Tristar Pictures

Directed by:

Sean McNamara


AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton; Helen Hunt as Cheri Hamilton; Dennis Quaid as Tom Hamilton; Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill; Lorraine Nicholson as Alana Blanchard; Sonya Balmores as Malina Birch

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

Soul Surfer

For Bethany Hamilton, the term “soul surfer” suits her well. She believes God created her to surf. As a gifted child surfer in Hawaii, Bethany spent more time wet than she did dry. To Bethany, pure joy meant catching a perfect wave and calling her ocean home. And she didn't want to leave it even after a tragedy turned her world upside down.

It was 2003 when, at the age of 13, real-life Bethany lost her left arm in a tiger shark attack. Soul Surfer tells the story of her courageous fight to return to competitive-level surfing. It also serves as a testament to the spiritual, emotional and physical restoration she attributes to "God's healing touch."

Even as Bethany endures a life-altering accident, she harbors little or no self-pity and fear. And though at times she tearfully questions God's plan for her life, she never blames Him for her struggles. As she reads fan mail and discovers her fans’ hardships, she realizes the unique public platform God has given her to help encourage them. Bethany's family is hopeful and loving. With their support she tackles her new life one task at a time.

Soul Surfer is set in Hawaii, a beach culture where bikinis and board shorts are common. Many characters are shown in fairly skimpy swimsuits. The shark attack that claims Bethany’s arm is violent and may be frightening to some viewers.

Through Soul Surfer, millions of people are being touched by Bethany’s message of God's loving purpose in our lives. Bethany’s dad, Tom, told Fox news, "We are absolutely thrilled with the way the film turned out, and the wonderful way it portrays Bethany's and our family's story and faith." Many moviegoers will feel exactly the same way. Thanks to her amazing courage and determination, and the supportive love of God, family and friends, Bethany is thriving once more. And in many ways she's able to embrace more people with one arm than she ever could have with two.

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