Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Columbia Pictures

Directed by:

Peter Lord (Chicken Run) and Jeff Newitt


Voices of Hugh Grant as Pirate Captain; Martin Freeman as Pirate With a Scarf; David Tennant as Charles Darwin

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

For 20 years, Pirate Captain and his misfit crew have pursued the ultimate honor: winning the cherished title of Pirate of the Year.

"Let's go plundering!" Pirate Captain shouts.

So the misfits get busy, attacking a ship full of plague victims . . . with no gold. Assailing a ship full of students on a geography field trip . . . with no gold. Besetting a ship full of "naturalists" . . . with no gold and no clothes. And, finally, besieging a ship carrying a young scientist named Charles Darwin . . . who doesn't have any gold either.

It's enough to make even the nicest pirate scream, "Arrrggghhh!"

Standing at the end of the plank, however, Darwin notices that the Pirate Captain's cherished parrot, Polly, isn't actually a parrot. Instead, she's the world's last remaining dodo! If they can get that rare bird to London, the reward money should be more than enough to win the competition.

This film has the same kind of slapstick silliness as Chicken Run or Wallace & Gromit. An anchor falls on someone. A ship explodes and sinks. Someone gets tarred and feathered. A plague victim's arm falls off. A bathtub full of people wrecks a house as it plunges down several staircases. The queen smashes someone’s face with a frying pan.

Like all pirates, the misfits are fond of grog and unusual swearing. We get a few evolution jokes about Darwin and his pet monkey. And a surprising number of characters appear partially naked.

Despite the goofy clay characters and boatloads of British humor, director Peter Lord doesn’t consider this a kids’ movie. “We make films just for people,” he insisted in a recent interview with Plugged In. It’s good to keep that in mind when deciding whether to watch this silly crew of misfits on the big screen. There are some great themes, such as family and friends being more important than riches or fame. But some inappropriate images and coarse language may cause families to flee from these raiding pirates.

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