Rated: PG

Distributed By:


Directed by:

Brian Levant (Snow Dogs)


Jackie Chan as Bob Ho; Amber Valletta as Gillian; Billy Ray Cyrus as Colton James; George Lopez as Glaze; Magnus Scheving as Poldark; Lucas Till as Larry; Madeline Carroll as Farren; Will Shadley as Ian; Alina Foley as Nora; Katherine Boecher as Tatiana Creel

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

The Spy Next Door

No one expects much from sweater-wearing pen importer Bob Ho. Especially not his neighbor kids, Farren, Ian and Nora. And especially not when he dates their mother, Gillian. When Gillian asks Bob to baby-sit while she's out of town, they soon discover the pen gig is just a ruse. He's really an international spy on loan to the CIA.

If he can trick dictators, how hard can playing house be? Bob soon finds out. After Ian wreaks havoc by mistakenly downloading a top-secret file, Bob's archenemy tries to kill him and the kids. So while making breakfast, carpooling and enforcing bedtimes—not to mention dodging bullets and knives—Bob gradually wins the kids' respect.

In The Spy Next Door, family is greatly valued. Bob serves his country, Gillian and her kids willingly. The movie also enforces a healthy, working stepfamily situation.

However, there are several references to adult issues such as dating, kissing and immodesty. Foul language is kept to a minimum, but there is a lot of name-calling and bathroom humor. Even though the kids are mean to Bob, they are never disciplined for it. The film showcases many stylish kung fu moves meant to impress, not necessarily maim or kill. There's a fair amount of leaping from heights, gunfire, explosives, and highly choreographed knife and sword fights.

Strip away the violence and other negatives in this flick and you can see that The Spy Next Door attempts to show the happiness of a developing stepfamily. And in the end the good guys win, the world is safe, Bob and his new family learn about love, and Jackie Chan can still jump higher and do more midair twists than an Olympic gymnast.

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