Rated: PG

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox

Directed by:

Michael Lembeck


Dwayne Johnson as Derek Thompson; Ashley Judd as Carly; Seth MacFarlane as Ziggy; Julie Andrews as Lily; Stephen Merchant as Tracy; Billy Crystal as Jerry

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

The Tooth Fairy

Derek Thompson is the Tooth Fairy. That's what his fans call him, anyway. He's a hulking minor-league hockey player who has one simple job: Hit the opposing players as hard as physically possible. And if some of his opponents' teeth pop out in the process, then so be it. Derek Thompson is also a dream smasher. He's the first to recount all the negative things that are bound to happen.

But when Derek almost tells the daughter of his girlfriend, Carly, that there is no tooth fairy, he crosses a line. That night, as he sleeps, he's magically whisked away to a fairy training school and dressed up—with wings and a frilly fairy outfit—and ordered to collect kids’ lost teeth for the next two weeks.

The Tooth Fairy highlights some positive elements, such as the impact of self-doubt, negativity and anger on those around you. Derek forges a close bond with Carly’s kids, and they eventually become a family. He makes some hurtful mistakes in his relationships but eventually apologizes and asks for forgiveness. He also comes to realize the value of holding on to seemingly impossible dreams.

There is mild adult content, including kissing, inappropriate language and potty humor. The violence is mainly slapstick (running into things, getting hit in the groin), but there are some rather violent hockey scenes, including punches and body checks. Fairy dust is treated as an amnesia drug that Derek uses on several people in the film.

Overall, this movie contains a few encouragements about working hard and reaching for your dreams, along with some decent laughs and funny scenes, but, unfortunately, Tooth Fairy is as wispy and forgettable as sugar-free cotton candy.

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