Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Walt Disney

Directed by:

Joseph Kosinski


Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/Clu; Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn; Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/TRON

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online

TRON: Legacy

In 1989, Sam Flynn was just a kid who adored and looked up to his dad—video game developer and science whiz, Kevin Flynn. But then his father mysteriously vanished, leaving the young boy feeling deserted. Skip ahead to the present and Sam’s a rebellious adult who's more interested in sabotaging his father's former corporation than working for it.

Then Sam receives a message...from his dad. With a little digging, Sam finds a hidden room filled with computer equipment in the back of his dad's locked up old arcade. As memories of his father swirl in his head, he is suddenly dematerialized by a laser and transported into the world of The Grid. It is an awesome place of vibrant electronic wonders. A place where almost anything is possible. A place that's been his father's prison for over 20 years.

Sam’s dad demonstrates that his initial intentions with creating an in-computer world are good. He intends to shape something beneficial for the outside world. Then he learns that not even computer-generated people are free from the influence of corruption. It's quite obvious that Sam and his dad love each other deeply. Both would do anything to save the other, and they both put their lives on the line.

TRON: Legacy, with its zipping lights, electrified outfits and lasers, whisks you into The Grid's fantasy land and wows you with dazzling visuals. Some of the fight scenes get intense and several computer characters are killed, er, "de-rezed." Plus, the language goes into inappropriate areas about four times. But overall this action movie stays positive and provides lots of fun.

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