Rated: PG

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox

Directed by:

David Soren


Voices of Ryan Reynolds as Theo/Turbo; Paul Giamatti as Chet; Michael Peña as Tito; Bill Hader as Guy Gagné

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


Theo loves speed. Unfortunately, he’s a garden snail. So instead of blazing down the racetrack, he inches across the garden, harvesting tomatoes with his brother, Chet. Once in awhile, he’ll watch old videos of his favorite racer, Guy Gagné, or slime over to the highway to watch the speeding traffic.

Then one day, Theo gets sucked into the engine of a fancy car and submerged in nitrous oxide. Suddenly, he’s no longer slow-sliming Theo; he’s super-speedy Turbo!

Chet, like most brothers, is not impressed. He just wants Theo to be a normal snail. But Theo decides to chase his dreams of racing in the Indy 500.

Even though Theo likes adventure and Chet plays it safe, the brothers love each other. When Chet gets snatched up by a hungry crow, Theo risks his own life to save him. And when Theo starts to doubt his dream, Chet encourages him.

As in many animated movies, there’s a fair share of cartoon violence. Several snails are grabbed by crows—implying that they're about to be eaten. One crow gets hit by a speeding bus. Theo almost gets run over several times. At one point, he crashes against a wall, cracking his shell. Several race cars crash into each other and pile up on the track.

Then there’s the issue of Theo’s super-speed, which comes from exposure to chemicals. It’s depicted like a superhero origin story, but some parents might think it sounds a lot like steroids. At the beginning of the movie, Theo gulps down energy drinks, hoping for a boost. Several adults drink from brown bottles. A girl snail flirts with Chet.

Older kids (who’ve studied friction) might not buy into the idea of a snail dragging his body down a racetrack at top speeds. Ouch! But if you can just enjoy the premise, Turbo offers a lot of slime-free giggles. It’s a movie that dares to dream, where friends support each other and evil can’t possibly keep up. Cute and cautious, this movie will have kids cheering all the way to the finish line.

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