Rated: PG

Distributed By:

Pixar/Walt Disney

Directed by:

Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc.)


Voices of Edward Asner as Carl Fredricksen; Jordan Nagai as Russell; Bob Peterson as Dug and Alpha; Christopher Plummer as Charles Muntz

Adapted From:

Plugged In Online


Carl Fredricksen and his beloved wife, Ellie, had always planned to visit Paradise Falls in South America. But life kept getting in the way of their trip. They'd raid their Paradise Falls fund for flat tires, home repairs and other necessities. When Carl finally buys tickets to Paradise, Ellie’s too sick to go. Then . . . she is gone.

But a promise is a promise, so Carl loads his house with helium balloons and floats out of the city and into adventure. Much to his surprise, a Wilderness Scout named Russell comes along for the ride and shows volumes of compassion, courage and creative problem-solving.

Up has a number of tense scenes where characters hang on for their lives. Plus, there are other bits of cartoon violence. The movie does a nice job avoiding bad language; however, it includes a little bathroom humor. One scene features dogs serving wine to Carl and Charles Muntz.

But overall, Up is a movie that educates and entertains, a tale that can make your heart larger. Its morals are from time-tested biblical bedrock: Keep your promises. Treasure people, not things. Spend time with your family. Honor your elders. Respect. Trust. Love. And it's a hoot to boot.

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