This Is the Day

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” —Psalm 118:24

Every day can be an adventure! That’s why we fill the Clubhouse calendar with activities, silly holidays and interesting history.

Whether you saddle up for Cowboy Day (July 23) or waddle around on World Penguin Day (April 25), we want to know how you celebrate the day God has given you...

Clubhouse Pancakes

We really enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day on February 9. We made pancakes for our family and created Clubhouse-shaped pancakes with syrup (with a little help from Mom). They were delightfully delicious and fun to make!

Nathan and Isaac from Ontario

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On February 7, I was baptized, which was probably the most memorable day this month. My brother and I were among 14 people baptized. After we were baptized, we went to eat cake with my grandma and grandpa.

Elijah from New York

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My family and I went indoor skydiving for my birthday. It was so cool to fly! We entered a huge air tunnel with a gigantic fan at the bottom. The wind was blowing around 90 mph. Since we couldn’t communicate with the flight instructor over the noise, he showed us different hand signals. After my family skydived, our instructor put on a show of different tricks. I felt like I was flying high over the world. Best birthday ever!

Madison from Indiana

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This Is the Day

This month, I built a two-story house for my hedgehog. Her name is Willow.

Brooklyn from Oregon

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On the 19th of March, I made homemade spaghetti noodles with my daddy. The ingredients were flour, eggs, oil, water and salt. They are a lot of work, and are delicious and light.

Chloe from Alaska

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I celebrated my birthday on May 5, which is also the National Day of Prayer. The latest issue of Clubhouse said, “Pray for your nation’s leaders.” So I decided to pray for Barack Obama and the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I prayed that they would all make good choices and they would love God always.

I don’t really pray that often, but once I saw that my birthday was the National Day of Prayer, it was like a spark went off inside me! I suddenly had the urge to pray more, and it felt like God was speaking to me through your magazine. I thought He didn’t notice me, but I guess I was wrong. This made a huge difference in my life.

Grace from Nebraska

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