U Know: Time With God

Last fall, we asked Clubhouse readers: When do you feel closest to God?

You sent in some great responses.

I feel closest to God when I am alone, looking at His creation. I find, when it’s quiet, I can focus more and push the worries of life out of my head. Especially in the morning; as it says in Psalm 17:15, “I will see Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence.”
Avery, 10, from Ohio

I feel really close to God when I put on Christian music and dance to it. I feel as if I’m dancing in front of Him. I like to picture a big smile on His face.
Elaina, 11, from Pennsylvania

When I read the Bible.
When I pray.
When I help somebody.
When I knit stuff and give it away.
Katelin, 12, from Maryland

My family and I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, so we’re surrounded by His glory 24/7. I like to play my guitar and sing outside. I also like to write down my prayers in a journal.
Kaila, 14, from Colorado

When you talk to your friends, do you feel close to them? Of course! It’s the same way with God. When I pray, I’m talking to God. I feel the closest when I talk to Him just like you talk to your friends. After all, God is my best friend ever!
Onyx, 11, from Texas

I feel closest to God when I am writing. I love to tell Him about my day. I know He really sees the prayers that I write. God is always next to us, just waiting for us to talk to Him. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8).
Rebekah, 12, from Georgia

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