Unexpected Blessing

by Abigail, 12, Florida

My youngest sister, Delaney, was born with Down syndrome, which causes her to have slower growth, learning disabilities and speech problems.

When she was born, I was really worried, and I wondered why God let this happen. I figured that He had something in mind, some reason why He gave her to us and not to someone else.

Delaney didn’t learn to walk until she turned 2 years old. Now, she can walk almost as well as I can! She can talk quite a bit, but she only uses two- to three-word sentences.

Now I realize God gave us a miracle in Delaney! She is not on the same growth chart as other little kids, but she does not have many of the problems normally associated with her condition.

I love her a lot, and so does everyone else! She makes us laugh so much. At first I was a little unsure about it, but now I understand. God had a reason for putting her in our family, and I’m so glad He did!

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