Character Profiles

by Jeff Gerke


Kelvin has lived his entire life in space. His parents are engineers in the mining business, so they travel to refineries all over the galaxy. It’s a lonely life, especially for a kid. Kelvin has a good heart. He takes care of his elderly basset hound, Widget. He also loves to tell people about Jesus.

Not long ago, Kelvin had to use all his brains and courage to save a bunch of animals. After the fire drone incident, Kelvin's parents gave him a second pet—an orange fuzzball he named Fluffnark the Magnificent.


Laney comes from a family of geniuses. Her mother is a brilliant mechanical engineer and her father is a whiz with languages. Laney builds amazing machines that can do just about anything. Like Kelvin, she’s an only child, but unlike Kelvin, she was born on Earth. Her parents quit their high-paying jobs to search for alien life on Science Outpost Nimoy.

Laney was tracking the signal of a real, live alien when the evacuation order came in. She boarded an escape vessel with her parents, then snuck onto Kelvin’s refinery platform to investigate further.


Widget is a very old basset hound. He was born on Earth and was once voted the cutest puppy in Space City, Wisconsin. Widget was adopted by Kelvin’s dad before he left for his first job. Over the years, it’s gotten harder for Widget to walk, much less chase space squirrels, so he’s glad to live in space, where anti-grav belts take a load off.

When Kelvin was born, Widget decided he would protect this little puppy—er, baby—from anyone who might try to hurt him. The two of them have been friends ever since. These days, Widget spends most of his time napping.

Fluffnark the Magnificent  

Fluffnark the Magnificent is an orange kitten. She used to belong to an intergalactic pet store. One day, Fluffnark and other pets were unloaded onto the refinery platform above Sweetums to await transfer to a cargo ship. A malfunctioning fire drone nearly attacked them, but Kelvin saved the day.

Fluffnark is very independent, doing what she wants and going where she wills. But she’s still just a kitty, so you can usually get her attention with a ball of yarn or a laser pointer.



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