Prayer: One way to help your family thrive

Creating a family prayer time is easier than you might think. Studies show that families who pray together are more likely to thrive. Get your kids involved with these great activities from Focus on the Family Clubhouse (for 8- to 12-year-olds) and Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. (for 3- to 7-year-olds) magazines. For more than 20 years, Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. have been helping parents build strong character in their kids. Plus, every month kids will find stories that help them grow closer to God and plenty of recipes, activities, jokes, puzzles and other fun stuff.

 Craft a Prayer  Craft a Prayer

   Create prayer cards with your family and keep track of how God answers.

How Do I Pray For Them?   How Do I Pray for Them?

   God encourages us to pray good prayer for our brothers and sisters.

Let Us Pray   Prayer FAQs

   You can communicate with your friends in a ton of different ways. Communicating with God is different; you talk to Him through prayer.

Prayer Adventure   Prayer Adventure

   Sometimes prayer can seem tedious or boring. It doesn't have to be.


   Read about how the Christians in Jerusalem prayed for the freedom of Peter.

The Prayer Chain   The Prayer Chain

   The young reader in your family will love this I-can-read-it story.

Singing Soldiers   Singing Soldiers

   King Jehoshaphat wanted to pray before battle. But Zeke wasn't convinced it would work.

Don't Frog-et to Pray   Don't Frog-et to Pray

    Make this cute prayer request reminder and pray for those in need.