How to Pray for Your Country

“The nations will put their hope in His name.”—Matthew 12:21

If you took one second to pray for each person in the United States by name, it would take 10 years (without stopping . . . ever) to finish that prayer. Thankfully, that’s not what we mean by praying for your country.

A good way to pray for your country is to think of it as one giant person. We’ll call him Bob. Bob has so much to be thankful for: wealth, safety, freedom and a bright future. Start by praising God for everything you love about Bob.

Bob also has sins he needs to confess. He has lied, stolen, hurt people who trusted him and acted like he was more important than God. It might feel weird to “confess” sins on Bob’s behalf. After all, you didn’t do anything wrong. However, both Ezekiel and Hosea talk about the need for national repentance.

Bob has some tough choices ahead. He’ll need God’s wisdom and direction in order to do the right thing. This is a good time to pray for Bob’s influences (the leaders of your country)—the president, congress, judges, generals, billionaires and everyone on TV. Don’t get angry or frustrated by the mistakes they’ve made in the past; instead, ask God that the leaders would trust Him as they plan for Bob’s future.

Finally, pray about your relationship with Bob. Ask God to help you be a good influence on others. Ask Him to give you the courage to speak up for what’s right. Ask for patience to respect those He has put in charge over you (whether it’s your teacher or the president). And ask Him to guide your steps each and every day.

Pray Together

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