Little Big Shots

by Adam Holz

“Little Big Shots” began its third season on March 18. Hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, it’s a lot like another NBC series, “America’s Got Talent.” However, this show focuses completely on kids. Talented kids.

Child performers demonstrate abilities such as ventriloquism, trick basketball shots, cup stacking, yodeling, climbing, piano, being a math whiz and more. It’s hard to believe that anyone could do what they do... especially someone so young.

God gives us amazing talents. Every episode, these kids show what hard work and creativity can accomplish. That part of the show is fun and inspiring. We even interviewed one performer, fiddler Carson P., for Clubhouse’s April 2017 cover story.

What’s not inspiring are some of the inappropriate jokes that Steve Harvey cracks for adults. Kids might not get what he’s saying, but your parents will.

Also, we have to be careful with any show that takes fame too seriously. Reality TV shows, along with YouTube and social media, can entertain and inspire people. But they also tempt us to chase fame, fortune and attention. When popularity becomes the main goal, we start to have problems.

All that said, “Little Big Shots” is one of the safer choices for families on network TV. Hopefully, it will challenge you to spend time strengthening your own talents, too.

“For they loved praise from men more than praise from God.” —John 12:43

It feels good when people notice our talents, especially if we’ve worked hard on them. But there’s a big difference between enjoying applause and craving it. God warns us not to pursue popularity. It never lasts. People’s opinions change. A band or TV show is loved one day and hated the next. If our goal is to stay popular, we may make choices that please our peers instead of God. Commit to being the truest possible version of the unique person you’re created to be.

Ask God to help you bring glory to Him with your talents. Put your gifts to use in your family, school and church. You might be surprised what He nudges you to do—and how great it feels to contribute to God’s kingdom!

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