Super Mario Odyssey

by Adam Holz

The latest Mario adventure, available on Nintendo Switch, offers tons of fun for fans of the series. Once again, Bowser has run off with Princess Peach and only Mario can rescue her.

Mario embarks on a multi-world, three-dimensional quest. A spirit-like, “living” hat named Cappy joins him on his journey. When Mario tosses this headgear at foes, he can take control of their bodies (unless they vanish in a puff of smoke). This new ability helps Mario collect power moons that fuel his airship, allowing him to travel from world to world.

Super Mario Odyssey’s open-world format gives players plenty of opportunities to explore. The controls can be a bit glitchy at times, but that doesn’t take away from the terrific game play.

Cappy adds a fun twist to the Mario series. That said, his “magical” ability to capture other characters has a spiritually creepy side. The game also includes some mild cartoon violence.

Those concerns won’t sink Mario’s ship for many families... even if Bowser tries to do exactly that! Compared to most new games, Super Mario Odyssey offers players a fun, colorful and engaging adventure—one that doesn’t require jumping over too many stumbling blocks. But if your parents have concerns and don’t want you to play, honor their wishes.

“‘Follow Me,’ He told them, ‘and I will make you fish for people!’” —Matthew 4:19

Whether in video games or movies, TV shows or books, some of the most popular stories involve quests. It’s fun to imagine what it would be like as a hero in a cosmic battle between good and evil.

Guess what. You already have a chance to be a hero in a huge story—a story that’s bigger than Super Mario Odyssey. Jesus calls us to join Him in changing people’s lives for eternity. To the first disciples, He described it as “fishing for people.” Sure, there are no wizards or lightsabers, but the stakes are even higher. There’s a world full of people who need to know Him and trust Him as their Savior. What could be more awesome than that?

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